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Pass me the Vegemite, please

Beach relax

Hello and welcome back to reality. I mean, Germany. After a week in Australia, where Jonas and I again nailed over a dozen interviews, I’m back here, getting used to our new place, which is not hard to do at all. 🙂


We were in Melburne. Oh, no, it’s spelled Melbourne! But pronounced “Melburne,” and Jonas never let me forget it. There, the coffee and food culture is beyond compare. The city was spectacular and we had time to explore during the weekend in between work days. They take their coffee very very seriously there. On every corner you find a coffee shop filled with patrons. Each place offering more or less the same assortment. But apparently they are all unique as people will swear by the coffee place they visit every day, the barista who works there, probably the cows that create the milk that they use in their “flat whites.” I tried a flat white. Bah. Just a Latte. Obviously I’m completely ignorant.


But I must say, they are beautiful – these coffees shops every where. And they serve up some gorgeous coffee as well.




I can’t say that we ever had an AMAZING meal. We were pretty busy seeing the sights and pretty tired in the beginning, getting over our jetlag.

IMG_2361   IMG_2364   IMG_2367

Which was maybe a touch easier for me, as the company was willing to fly me business class while my poor intern colleague had to sit in economy. Just down there – breakfast before landing in Abu Dhabi, the 1/3 of the way there mark.



Etihad does a fairly good job of spoiling biz class passengers. The hard part is trying to decide between trying out a bunch of things or just sleeping. On the way there I was curious and probably ate more than I should have. On the way back, I simply slept most of the way.

The city was beautiful. A combination feeling of California, Singapore and Munich somehow. The hustle-bustle of a city plus the strong influence of Asia (Singapore), with the beauty of the coast nearby (California), but still a laid-back feeling (Munich).











We rented the city bikes to get around, which was easy and convenient.


And saved a little of our per diem money simply by eating breakfast in our room/s. So we could spend it on sight seeing.


Yeah, and I learned to actually like vegemite. Words I thought would never come from my mouth. But indeed, spread very thinly under a few slices of avocado and a boiled egg…wow.


Back home now, I’m learning to use all my new kitchen appliances. The stove is awesome. And even with little energy now that I am jet lagged again, it’s easy to saute some quail breasts, slice them thinly on toast, and put the rest in the fridge or freezer for another day/meal.


I love the Togarashi spice blend I bought in California a few weeks back. Spicy citrus and seaweed flavors plus a touch of salt. Saute after sprinkling on both sides, done.


Tonight will be the first test of the steam oven.

And now, time to run.



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