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Here’s the BEEF!

I had no idea this magazine existed. Mick there is modeling with his new purchase. I found it pretty amusing to flip through. It’s called “Beef!” and it is a German publication – a men’s cooking magazine. It’s really beautifully designed and concepted. Full of recipes and articles about food with vibrant photography.

My colleague Mick posing with his new magazine purchase

My colleague Mick posing with his new magazine purchase

The amusing part was that if I had to describe it, I’d say it’s kind of like the magazine, “Men’s Health,” but focused on food. By which I mean, very serious about its subject, full of knowledgeable and high-quality information/articles, and simultaneously overtly cliche and maybe a bit stereotypical. Which is not a bad thing at all. Because it pulls it off. Take a closer look at the cover, some simply great headlines that are rife with puns (and btw, the sub-title reads “For men with taste”):

Close-Up of the Cover of Beef! Magazine

“Bloody Serious. What knife is the right one for you? Test on page 32.”
“Pure or with a Cover. This is how your home bar can be perfect. Part 1, spirits and glasses.”
“Fried Ostrich Egg. Will feed 10 Men. And other things you can make with this egg.”

Are you laughing yet?

I think they probably NAILED their target audience. Must be something like: Men, 30-50, well-educated, high income, like great design and photography, have a powerful cooking fetish but still want to be (appear?) “manly” about it.

Oh yeah, and speaking of that..
We have a great fold-out there at the back. (Told ya – A “Men’s Health” Cooking magazine). “Naked Potato” there is a piece about how to best answer 10 key questions during a date. Quite hilarious.

Spread with Everything You Need To Know To Answer 10 Important Date Questions

Finally, I have to say that the concept for the “Centerfold” which is advertised on the front cover is great. It’s described as the “Menu for People Who Can – four courses, that not everyone will be able to make. Simply remove the directions, unfold, cook.” And what you get is a full plan from the day before the event to an hour-by-hour plan for the day of the event. Step-by-step instructions all mapped out for you on a Gannt chart of sorts complete with photos. I wish it were in English – I would bring a copy home to my dad.

Step-By-Step Plan for Cooking Manly 4-Course Meal

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