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Cooking with Ghosts


Happy Halloween! Well, a day late, but I started this post yesterday and then got waylaid.

First things first: yummy discovery, care of Christian, who posted a photo of the Chinese junkstreet food goodie he had a few days back and which I then needed to try. Jianbing.



Basically, a wheat flour crepe, with a fried egg coating…and inside a bit of ginger chicken, a spicy garlic sauce and a crunchy fried cracker to make the eating experience especially toothsome. Pour some nice ginger vinegar sauce on top and you are good to go. Very tasty – being served up at LeDu at Karlsplatz, just a couple S-bahn stations from where I work. But I went over there Monday, a day off – yes yes yes…I am finally getting some holidays, a big relief – during my shopping and running around. There are a couple of them apparently, scattered around Munich. Le Du’s, I mean.

And they must have inspired (?) my dinner this evening. The whole food wrapped up in a pancake thing. I had a craving for Indian food – because of the second source of inspiration, which came from the NYTimes’ special food article for Diwali, where they must have posted about 30 really good recipes for various dishes. And then there was the third inspiration. The Ghosts.

Namely, the Carolina (Ghost?) Reapers, given to me by my friend, Kurt, who knows I like a challenge.


Look at those babies! Cute! So cute. And so deadly. These are currently the HOTTEST pepper in the world. People try to eat these things whole and go to the hospital.


I cut one of the itty bitty ones Kurt gave me in half and then in half again. See. No, I didn’t dare to put that in my mouth. I lightly crunched a sliver of that between my two front teeth to see how bad it would be. I spit it out after about 5 seconds and went to find a cracker. It was that bad. But they were indeed very flavorful, if insanely hot. You breath fire for a few minutes, but it is a very fragrant sweet sort of fire. You don’t know what I am talking about…yeah, well, come over for a pepper, needless to say, they are not going very fast. But they’re keeping well.

But….a little bit went into a dish of dal. A bit went into some sauteed cauliflower….a whole small one went into my pressure-cooked chicken. And all in all, we were not gasping for breath at the end of my meal.


After cooking the chicken, I broke it down into bits and cooked it with some onions and herbs,


Defrosted some pizza dough and turned it into fake naan…


And served it up with the cauliflower, dal, some yogurt and an apple and tomato salsa for some Indian Burritos (patent pending 😉 )

Which were quite ok.


How’s that for cooking with ghosts?





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Quick and Dirty

After a 4-hour train ride home after a long day chock full of meetings, the last thing you want to do is spend an hour whipping up dinner. But I hadn’t really had time to buy something to eat on the train and I wanted at least something small and satisfying to eat.

I opened the fridge when I got home and the mushrooms I had bought a few days earlier had “small quick meal here” written all over them. I snatched them out, along with some shallots, garlic, lemon thyme and some creme fraiche. A handful or two of chantarelles, some enoki, and a few of another sort I don’t even know the name of…ah…mushrooms…such a fall feeling.

Ingredients for the quick and dirty

Ingredients for the quick and dirty

While the pan heated, I chopped everything up, and then poured a slug of olive oil into the pan. The garlic and onions caramelized for a few minutes and I cut a couple slices of my favorite dark German bread (“Bauernkruste” – which means Farmer’s Crust) and threw them in the toaster to crisp up. Then into the pan went the chantarelles, and a few minutes later the other two sorts of mushrooms. A sprinkle of salt and pepper, the lemon thyme, and finally a small spoonful of the creme fraiche to add some velvety smoothness to the mix.

Out popped the bread, a bit of butter on each slice, and then the mushroom mix spooned on top. Dinner. Quick and dirty.

Mushrooms on toast

Mushrooms on toast

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