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Life after Death

I thought I had at least 3-5 more years with Sam. He was 14, or almost, when we got back from California about three weeks ago. And had a terrible cold, or so I thought. And 6 days later he was dead. And I was totally floored. Absolutely nailed to the ground with grief because I loved this cat so much. Far more than his cute, but asocial sister. In the past 17 days I have been sad and mad and incredulous and…the list goes on. I suppose the five stages of grief. I am beginning to come to terms with his loss, and doing what I can to stay positive.

His sister, Sophie, needs to stay healthy now. I am on a mission to get her to shed a little weight, get some more exercise, and try to convince her to snuggle with me more. (A lost cause). And to fill the gaps in my heart, which are huge, we are getting two new cats, crazy people that we are. In two weeks.

Yeah, those two lovebugs. :-))) We figure that Sophie …regardless of my success with her weight loss, might not be around for many more years. So we are easing the transition. May 4 or 5…here they come.

I stayed home today from work – although worked from here – every chance I get I try to hang out with Sophie. She seems to miss Sam, although who can really interpret her, certainly not I. I don’t seem to have cat whisperer skills when it comes to her.

Lunch time came and went and I wasn’t really hungry but wanted…something.

I could only look at so much bread and cheese combinations for lunch, so I decided to throw together a dish I haven’t had for ages: Indian Poha. More or less an Indian breakfast dish from Maharashta that I repurposed for mid-day. It’s rehydrated rice, plus an assortment of veggies, nuts, spices, herbs. It’s sort of like…Indian fried rice but fast and easy. On a day like today, when Winter has returned to Germany (damn it), something warm and fragrant and spicy like poha is great comfort food.

You can customize as you like.

The basic recipe is here (and many other places).

Soak your poha (dehydrated rice), and chop up whatever you’re putting in. Fry your mustard seeds and then your onions and potatoes, put in your ginger and tumeric and chili and carrots and peas, your nuts and coconut shreds, toss in your shrimp if you have a few (perfectly good as a veggie dish too), and then the poha, the herbs, season with salt…tossing the whole while as each element cooks in.

And then squeeze a slice of lemon over it, just before serving.

Enjoy the comfort and ease.

Think of kittens.



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Tell me, please, how it’s possible that the end of April has already arrived. Last time I looked at a calendar it was January. Don’t get me wrong: I’m very happy that we have scenes like this just outside my home:


and scenes like this when in Hamburg for a day of client visits:


Those gorgeous blossoming trees really are a motivation to get out of bed for the day, go for a run…and then maybe sit down to a bowl of this:


Ummmmmmm. The photo doesn’t even begin to do justice to my new breakfast addiction. (And I have quite a few nice new breakfast suggestions here.) Have you ever made a granola mix yourself? I hadn’t. Friends, let me tell you, if you like to eat cereal in the morning…this stuff is crazy good. Yes, I will reveal the secret ingredients. What’s nice is that it’s also easy and fast to make.

I started with this recipe as a basis for what I ended up with. And I admit, I didn’t stray too far from it.

Nevertheless, here’s my version, tweaked a bit (consider doing a recipe and a half or even doubling it, this stuff goes fast!):

Coconut Cardamom Granola


2 cups whole oats

1 cup coconut flakes (not the tiny flake shreds, you want the large flake)

1 cup pumpkin seeds

1/2 cup whole almonds

1/4 cup hemp seeds (see – that must be where the addiction comes in)

1/4 cup chia seeds

1/3 cup honey

1/4 cup coconut oil, melted

2 Tbsp maple syrup

1 ½ tsp cardamom powder

2 tsp cinnamon powder

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 tsp salt

Mix together all the seeds and grains in a bowl:


On the stove, melt your coconut oil in a small pot, add the honey, maple syrup, vanilla, salt, cinnamon and cardamon. Stir to combine. Remove from stove, pour the mixture over the mixed grains and nuts, and stir until the liquid is even distributed over the rest.

Spread the mixture on a baking tray, and bake in the oven at 275 F/135 C for about 45 minutes.


Stir every 10 minutes for a few seconds to make sure you are evening toasting the mix. When the coconut flakes begin to get nice and toasty brown, remove the mixture from the oven, let cool, and then store it in the air-tight container of your choice.


I haven’t yet tried to create granola bars from this mix, but I guess that is next on the spring agenda.




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