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Evil Car

As I was riding my bike to work this morning, I caught this little symbol out of the corner of my eye on a little Smart car I passed.

5 down, how many to go?!?!

Five down, how many to go?!?!

I doubled back to take another look.


I interpret that this sign means: “I have murdered 5 cats. I am proud of this. Cats, get out of the way if you don’t wanna die.”

But what was even more disturbing, was this little sign was seemingly at odds with the sticker on the other side of the rear of the car.

Schizophrenic Smart

Schizophrenic Smart

How can anyone who hates cats so much, love Apple?

So sad. I covered the license plate because I didn’t want to feel responsible if anyone would feel even more strongly than I do that the owner of this car should undergo a light lobotomy. 😛


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