I’ve been writing and blogging since the middle of 2005 when I moved to Singapore and wanted to be able to easily connect with family and friends back in the US and in Germany. Blogging seemed to be the way to reach a larger crowd and not have to tell the same story a thousand times. Beyond my normal day-to-day work, my passions and hobbies revolve around food and cooking and technology and the people I talk to enjoy these things too, so I try to bring fresh ideas and perspective into these areas of interest and generate some lively discussions.

I love to cook for people who love to eat, and am especially inspired to cook recipes that I have tried somewhere and wanted to recreate at home and/or recipes from cultures other than the one I grew up with (American – although granted, my parents were great at making sure we experienced the various cuisines of the world).

Because I’m a digital marketing strategist, technology is naturally a part of the air I breathe. This blog, as strange as it may sound, will attempt to merge these two themes, probably sometimes successfully and sometimes less so. So you’ll likely find some posts just devoted to food and some just to technology, but hopefully they will always be worth taking a glance at.



One response to “About

  1. nurulthecook

    November 23, 2012 at 7:53 am

    Interesting mix. Food and Tech!!

    Also interesting that you’ve lived in Germany! Me too for a very long time!! Now in Cambodia πŸ™‚


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