Duck, Duck, Pizza!

26 Jun


The next president of the United States up there? Sammy does a good impression. I certainly hope not. But after the outcome of the vote in the UK just a couple days ago, everyone is beginning to get quite scared about what might happen. So far away, I feel pretty innocuous, even if I am able to do my civic duty and vote from here. It makes me mad to hear now in retrospect about the ignorance of the British who voted to leave the EU. But I know it’s no better in the USA.

Meanwhile, life goes on.


Crazy things seen all over Europe in my travels these days. A second trip to Australia was taken off the table on Friday, which makes things easier in July. Even if there will be a few more trips ahead to Milan.

Which are always amusing in one way or another.


And the other day, in Turin, even though we were frantically prepping in the last hours up to our meeting,


There was still some time to look out the window and enjoy the view.


And now I get to do that from home as well – all the rain keeps our surroundings in our new place beautiful and green.


When I have time again – soon! – I look forward to spending some more time in the garden next to our kitchen. I need to plant all the herbs into the bed next to the deck.


Thankfully on the weekend, there is still time to try out new dishes here and there.


Lady and Pups is always an inspiration to test out new dishes. She published a really delicious and unhealthy pasta dish the other day that I decided I needed to test out right away.

Simply a carbonara – but made with duck egg yolks. I served it with some juicy duck breast and a celery and fennel salad with lots of lemon and herbs. Good indeed, but these days I’m actually rather addicted to a food that I didn’t think much of in the past.


But with the pizza stone in the new oven, these suckers are done in 7 minutes flat. I mix up a batch of the dough, separate it into 5 or 6 balls, freeze them, and take them out of the freezer when I want to make a pizza. Which is rather too often these days because of how easy and delicious they are.

And I keep trying out different combinations of toppings. Most of the time I’m not really planning in advance, rather just throwing whatever I have in my refrigerator on top of the pizza. Which generally turns out quite well.


Hungry yet? If you have any suggestions for my pizza, I’d be happy to hear. 🙂




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