Waffle Latkes

17 Dec

Happy Hannukah! πŸ™‚


Time to make the donuts!. Uh…Waffles! Uh…Latkes.

Oh well. Want a bit of a cheat/shortcut?

I just read about this – mix up your potato pancake mix (I used 1 large potato, a two-inch chunk of zuccini, a 1-inch slice of celery root, 1 egg, salt, pepper, a few pinches of rosemary and about 5 chives snipped. Shred all the veggies, squeeze them out as much as you can and then mix with the rest), butter up your waffle iron, and when it’s nice and hot, simply put a few spoonfuls of your mix on the iron and let it waffle just like you would normal batter. It takes a bit longer, perhaps, but not by much – until your fresh potato latke is done.

Put on your favorite topping and voila – instant Hannukah. Makes 2 large pancakes.

Although it would probably be better if one of your favorite toppings wasn’t procuitto…just saying…;-)



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