Not quite smitten

13 Sep

IMG_9197We were really screwed on summer this year in Munich. And in fact in much of Germany. There were a few teaser days and weekends here and there, but suddenly we’re mid-September, the chill is upon us, and we’re all wondering how July and August flew by without a reasonable amount of sun and heat kissing our skin and warm breezes caressing our faces.

I am hunkered down, dreading my morning run to come, in long soft sweatpants and a hoodie, looking at recipes with duck and pasta – winter dishes really. But more on that later.

Last weekend there was a desperate attempt to make use of a favorite autumn ingredient: kale. I love the stuff and I wish I could find it more easily here. It’s a bit like finding cilantro/coriander 10 years ago here – the only place to get it was in an Asian grocery. Now, I wouldn’t call it widespread, but at least it’s more accessible. I can only hope that will happen with kale in the next year – now I have to make a special trip to a bio supermarket or the Viktualienmarkt downtown to find some kale.

Over on Smitten Kitchen I had found a recipe for an amazing sounding salad – with cheese, pickled sultanas, nuts, breadcrumbs and naturally kale – practically a meal in itself. It was worth a trip downtown. Which is where I went to pick up the kale and the pecorino the recipe called for. (Cheese photo from a stall in the Viktualienmarkt where I bought it.)


I made a sandwich recipe to go along with the salad, but that was a whole other project by itself. Slow cooked pork in a tangy barbeque sauce, pickled onions and coleslaw…ummm. Worked well.

There are a lot of steps to the kale salad, but each are simple and doable and in the end it comes together reasonably quickly.

You have to prepare the walnuts, raisins, breadcrumbs, cheeseΒ  and the kale all separately and then in the end toss everything together with some lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. What’s nice about this salad is that it keeps for a day because the leaves from the kale are so hardy (I mixed in radicchio as well for color and bitterness). Just put leftovers in the fridge overnight and enjoy the next day.

Only critique I’d have is that I feel like the breadcrumbs were truly not necessary – they ended up drying out the salad in a way that I felt was unnecessary. The cheese and nuts were enough of a foil together with the sultanas to make the salad really delicious. So I wasn’t as smitten as I could have been with it. Next time, no breadcrumbs.


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