Green Tea and Me

16 Feb
Green tea ice cream with red beans

Green tea ice cream with red beans

I love green tea desserts and they’re hard to find here, although I recently had some pretty yummy green tea ice cream over at a new Korean restaurant in Munich about a month ago. See above. It got me thinking that I’d like to try to make some green tea sweets, and so when I came across a crazy looking zebra striped green tea and chocolate cake I didn’t hold back anymore.

I know it’s odd that I am writing up two baked good posts in a row, but that’s somehow because on the savory side of my life I am doing a lot of repeats.

Inspired by this blog, and having a bag of matcha in my cupboard, I got to work in the afternoon so we’d have the cake by evening.

And it’s actually relatively straightforward – the only difference between this one and any other standard tea cake is that you are making two batters – one green, rich with the perfume of Japanese matcha tea, and the other dark brown, a chocolate lover’s heaven. Before you bake it, the batters are carefully marbled together in order to produce a dramatic green and brown swirl when you cut the cake.

Before baking, I had a few read throughs of the recipe and decided to make a few adjustments. This is the adjusted recipe – both ingredients and steps.

Ingredients (adapted slightly from the original)

batter 1 (common batter used in both the following batters):
4 eggs
200 g sugar
100 ml milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
300g flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt

batter 2:
3 tsp matcha powder
3 tsp water
75 g butter

batter 3:
100 g dark quality chocolate
75 g butter

icing 1:
75 g icing sugar
3 tbs cocoa powder
whipping cream

icing 2:
75 g oz icing sugar
1/3 tsp matcha powder
whipping cream

Common batter:
Whisk the sugar and eggs and vanilla extract in a bowl until fluffy. Add the milk and stir. Sift in the flour and baking powder in the bowl and stir until smooth. Divide in equal halves and separate into two bowls – do this by weight.

Batter 2: Mix the matcha powder with the water. Stir until smooth. Add 75 grams butter and combine again until reasonably smooth. Add the mixture to one half of the first batter and stir to combine.

Batter 3: Melt 75 grams butter and chocolate in a small pan on low heat. After the chocolate has melted completely, take off the heat and let cool for a few minutes. Then add this mixture to the remaining half of the common batter.

Ultimately you should have two batters:

Double batter

Grease a cake pan (22-3 cm/9 in diameter) and dust it lightly with flour. Spoon in the two batters, mixing between them a bit. In my case they were quite dense, and it was a matter of adding a spoon of one, then a spoon of another in order to ultimately get the marble effect I was looking for.

Assembling the cake

The directions said then to take a stick and mix the two batters a bit, but I wanted to be able to really see a sharp difference in color and flavor.

Bake in a pre-heated oven (175°C/350°F) for approximately 45 minutes (original recipe said 30 min, but my cake was far from done at that point.) Take out the cake, turn it out on a plate and let it cool down.

Ready for frosting

Meanwhile mix up your two icings. You want to add enough cream to get them to a consistency that will work – not too liquid if possible, although the green tea icing is more fluid than the chocolate version. When the cake is cool, go crazy. 😉

Frosted Green Tea and Chocolate cake

Play with designs.


This cake lasted perhaps three days. 😉


I think it tasted best on the first day – stronger flavors of both chocolate and green tea (a very nice combination, by the way). After a day or two it was still very nice, but had a milder flavor.


It goes without saying that LOTS of vegetables were served before allowing ourselves to dig into the cake.

Loved these – and I HATE brussels sprouts most of the time. But I guess anything that David Chang makes is pretty darn yummy.

David Chang (Momofuku) Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Fish Sauce vinaigrette. The bitter flavor that I don’t like with the sprouts was still there, but not so prominent and well-covered with the tang of the vinaigrette. Will make this one again.



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