Scent of Cardamom

02 Feb

It’s been awhile – sorry about that. It’s not that I haven’t been cooking, it’s just that I have been cooking, working, running (literally), sleeping, commuting between cities, and haven’t had much time for blogging. And when I had time I was usually too tired.

But some delicious food has crossed my path many times in the last month – quite a few new restaurants as well, not all my food.

I made a cake recently that is worthy of a mention and a word of warning. Actually two words of warning. But first, understand that the absolutely STUPID winter we’ve been having here in Munich obviously forced me to make cake. It’s drizzly and cold and grey out almost every single freaking day. But this cake is a slice of sunshine, I swear it. I read Shayma’s blog pretty regularly and somehow her recipe for Cardamom tea cake called out to me. I scrolled past it a couple times, but then it stuck. My finger wouldn’t move further and before I could think about it much I was in the kitchen with iPad in hand, ready to bake.

Here is warning number 1. Sometimes it is better not to improvise the first time around. Very important. More specifically, I could smell the cardamom in my head reading that recipe. And then a stray thought moved in along with it…”ummm….what about apples? what about if I chopped up some apples very small and mixed them into the batter?” Sort of a pound cake…with apples…and cardamom. And don’t get me wrong – there are definitely delicious recipes out there with cardamom and apples, it is just that this was not it.

But I did it anyway.

Apple Pound Cake with Cardamom

Apple Pound Cake with Cardamom

Yeah, I know it looks ok. Good even perhaps. But if you take a second glance you’ll see that the edges are a bit burned and the inside looks dense and gummy. And that is really sort of what it was. No one refuses cake, though, at least a first time, so over the course of a couple days it was eaten.

I was really intrigued, though, and I knew that the original recipe would be vastly better if I would bother to follow it. Which I did a few days later. I don’t have a picture of the cake as a whole, which is where,

Warning number 2 comes in:

2) Do not bake this cake when you are on a diet. I’m not, but just saying…if I were. 😉 Because it is amazing. Simple and delicious. The scent of the cardamom is haunting. And if you are not careful you will slice yourself a piece. And then another. And maybe just a third sliver. At the end of it (don’t worry, couple days later), we were arguing over how evenly to cut the last chunk of it. Halves? But who ate more of it over the course of its lifetime? Who ran further today? Who cleaned the cat litter religiously this week? Yes, that good.

It looks a bit homely perhaps in this photo, but one of my favorite ways to eat it would be lightly toasted in the morning with a cup of coffee. Sweet black milky tea would have been lovely too. Maybe next time.

Cardamom tea cake

Cardamom tea cake

Recipe? Yup, here. And you can pretty much cook anything on her blog – all the recipes are delicious.


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