Better late than never

24 Dec

list of drinks at xmas marketsBetter late than never. I’ve been a bad bad blogger of later. It has been a combination of just too much to do in the last month plus the feeling that I haven’t cooked anything really new, innovative, new…

My mother made a blog request a week or two back that I agreed to create. Or at least, a request – “take some pictures of the Christmas markets” – that I interpreted to be a blog request. I’ve taken photos before of the markets, so nothing much new here, but nevertheless, worth an occasional revisit of some of the goodies that one can get at the millions of Christmas market booths in Munich and beyond.

First off, that photo above is a list of various types of mulled wine to be had. We’ve got the red and white wine versions, the blueberry, blackberry and cherry versions. Add a shot to it and you pay a euro more, Want it without alcohol (“children’s punch”) and you pay a euro less. Not listed here are all the modern variations – hot mulled mojitos, the “Feuerzangenbowle” – mulled wine with rum-soaked sugar, and the like.

Chocolate, yes, Chocolate tools

Chocolate, yes, Chocolate tools

I have to admit, I didn’t buy or eat any of these. And if you look really closely, you still might not believe these are edible. Quite a creation of art. These “tools” are all made out of chocolate. Rather brilliant, but probably a bit scary to bite into. I mean, have a look of these scissors. Hungry yet?

Chocolate scissors

Chocolate scissors

No, I didn’t think so. Far more inviting somehow, would be these little guys – found scattered all over the markets throughout Munich. Chocolate covered fruits – amazing really and so simple. You can find everything covered in chocolate at the Christmas markets and fruits are perhaps one of the nicest and simplest treats.

Chocolate covered fruits and cakes

Chocolate covered fruits and cakes

If you want to skip the chocolate altogether and concentrate a bit more on the fruit, go for a baked apple. Even better with a little caramel sauce or the like glazed over the top.

Baked apples

Baked apples

They smell heavenly when you pass by…

Speaking of which, so do these. And they start showing up months in advance of Christmas. You like nuts? Well, you’d go nuts for these nuts…all candied and amazingly delicious. Easy to gain 10 kilos in no time flat if you heat a few handfuls of these during the advent time… No, I didn’t. šŸ˜‰


They are officially called “burned” nuts. Crazy, I know. But I guess it refers to the sugar being burned in a way. Here the sign below tells you what’s on the menu of nuts: almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, cashews, macadamia, walnuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, brazil nuts, and cocoa almonds. My favorite is actually missing from the list – coconut. mmmm


Don’t have a sweet tooth? (Mine is a bit lame), then go for the savory treats. My favorite every year is the “healthy” version of a flammkuchen – essentially a whole-grain pizza with cheese, bacon, and chopped chives. No particularly healthy, but a yummy lunch after a session at the gym. And not huge.



Ok, for sure I am missing a million treats, but hopefully this smattering made you hungry for more. Come visit, please, next year, at the beginning of December. I’ll take you to find the best Christmas market “Leckerieen” (delicious things) you can imagine.

And between bites you can appreciate the musicians scattered around the pedestrian areas – they are usually extremely talented. I enjoyed watching these guys (Called “Connexion Balkon”) for about 20 minutes, despite the cold.


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