Ice Ice Baby

21 Jul

Britta was the inspiration this time. 🙂 With 5 or 6 friends heading over tomorrow evening to eat cool food (read: cool as in not warm because we are naturally trying to stay cool with our little (welcome!) heat wave), it was time to think outside of the watermelon…I mean box…when it came to dessert.

And yesterday morning, well before the first cup of coffee (I wanted to get all kinds of stuff done before noon), I went grocery shopping and spotted a baby watermelon that screamed out to me. And Britta had yesterday posted an idea for our dessert. Very simple – watermelon. And even better – watermon mojito popsicles.

But I’ll spoil the surprise and say…there are no watermelon mojito popsicles. But I did go to town a bit with some flavor combinations. Variation number 3 is still in the freezer, freezing up.

Also, decided to do some popsicles…the official lick-on-a-stick kind, but also some little iced parfaits (can I call them that? not sure if that is correct)..because then I can throw a bunch on a plate and everyone can grab the ones they like best.

Variation number 1: I couldn’t resist: Mango Kulfi

Mango Kulfi pops

Mango Kulfi pops

A bastardization of a classic recipe. I didn’t have fresh mango, so I cheated. Fresh peaches, mango juice, some greek yogurt, a handful of coconut, a couple cardomon pods, and sugar or honey. I used more or less what you see in this photo – plus the honey and…I admit…some condensed sweetened milk. Blend it up, pour into popsicle forms and 2 hours later you have kulfi.

Variation number 2: Watermelon chocolate chip sorbet.

Watermelon Chocolate Chip Sortbetish ingredients

Watermelon Chocolate Chip Sortbetish ingredients

I use the word “sorbet” very liberally. It has milk in it. And again some condensed sweetened milk. But it’s icy. Like sorbet. Has a sorbet feel to it. And its very very yummy.

Variation number 3: to come. A surprise. Think raspberries, mint, wine elderberry syrup and you might have a clue.

I poured them all into these beautiful little silicon molds..and voila… Frozen flowers on a plate. Hope there are still some left tomorrow.

Frozen iced flowers

Frozen iced flowers





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