03 Jul

So…after arriving mid-day in Cologne yesterday, my new PM plunked down a huge bag of cherries in front of me and said “My mom’s tree – dig in.” I grabbed a handful, thanked her, munching away…and then remembered I’d seen (and saved) a super-simple recipe for chocolate covered cherries – suggested that she try it out with her huge harvest.Β  It was mostly a practical guide to how to make the cherries without the chocolate getting funky or turning grey.
We all just got back from lunch a few minutes ago and lo-and-behold….do I not have the most awesome, talented, beautiful, smart, friendly….(ok, will stop now) PM? There was a small bucket of these to have for dessert…

Chocolate covered cherries

Chocolate covered cherries

I’m a little worried now about how many hours she is thinking I will work extra for them….;-)

PM Power

PM Power

Check out that devilish grin….



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