15 May
Moves interface

Moves interface

It’s been awhile since I’ve had the Nike Fuel band on my wrist. Sadly, band number 2 died about 2 months after Nike nicely sent me a free replacement for the first one. Similar to the first time, the software simply refused to update no matter what I did. It would get stuck and I’d get some funky error message. So I gave up in frustration and I don’t even know where the band is at the moment. Tucked into a corner someplace.

I could wax on and on about the positive and negative benefits of the band, but I’ll resist. Of course I am tempted by all the new ones on the market – the Jawbone “Up” looks cool – but at the same time…am not really interested in wearing a bracelet or extra watch device all the time. Not sure how this story will end.
But meanwhile, I am playing around with /using “Moves” – a free app for the iPhone. It does more or less the same thing as the fuel band…well..admittedly a bit less on some things…but it does it all rather seamlessly. I don’t have to turn the thing on – it’s just on my phone and it just works. It knows automatically if I am running or biking or walking. I have only found an error here and there…but I don’t have to wear an extra gadget. I have my phone with me most of the time anyway, so it’s always just working.

I like the cute detailed little diary it gives me of my day. Does it push me to do more than I would automatically? No, not really. I have Runkeeper for that and my daily/weekly/monthly goal. Which these days I am managing to make. Which feels good. But for now I like Moves. I also like that I didn’t have to register for the app, and that it doesn’t track me as a person, but rather anonymously.

A few of the last days give you an idea how things look different day to day. One day heavy cycling – the holiday last week, one day traveling to the client and back on a train, and one day just an average quiet day on the weekend.

Holiday Moves

Holiday Moves

Travel Day

Travel Day

Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday

It is a bit of a battery drainer…so I know I won’t use it for very long because I will get annoyed with always having to have the phone plugged in when I’m not out and about. Nice little experiment for now.


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