Spring Fling

26 Apr

So last night was girl’s night in. More specifically, three girlfriends came over to cook and eat with me and naturally talk about technology for at least a few minutes since we are all tech geeks who work in the industry. You know. The Industry. Two designers and an Information Architect and a marketing strategist all sitting around a large table, frantically forking together my ravioli concoction, eating humus and carrots (Mallorie’s requirement), and having another look at James’ app. Version 1.1.1.


Caro, our Information Architect extraordinaire, started off the testing of “Hands Free Browser” – the app I wrote about a week or two back – now that we have the update, it was time to check it out again. I have a few video clips here and there, but since I am not paying WordPress a penny for this blog, I am not allowed to upload video. It would do a better job of conveying the current suggestions and thinking on this version from experts other than myself.

I will confess…you should know that Caro loves to cook and Mallorie…well…Mallorie cooks a bit. But both were a bit stretched to find the *need* for the app. I think Mal captured it most succinctly with the statement: “why do I need this? I would just keep a towel next to the ipad and wipe my hands before I touch it.” Ok. Not incredibly encouraging.


Other quotes captured during the testing included (we wrote them down on a notepad):

“There’s too much text.” (Opening screen)
“Why did it make a bookmark?”
“It’s looking at my elbow.”
“How do I select something?”
“Come on!” (when nothing happens)
“The camera is too far away….it is capturing my left hand, not my right” (right-handed person).

Yikes. I will stop now. The thing is…the idea remains good. But I think the technology is still too far behind to keep up with the human pace of things. The camera can’t react quickly enough. Samsung’s new phone apparently doesn’t use the camera, but some other kind of sensor. You need to position your hand just so to make it work. The new features (e.g., bookmark!) are not mentioned (I think) on the opening screen with all the text. There is not yet any kind of tutorial/walkthrough.

But…the thing is, the app is free this weekend. Go grab it. Try it out. Tell me what you think. How can we make the app really valuable to a cook? Where’s the magic gonna happen?

I almost forgot…spring fling…was a reference to our heavy-with-spring-vegetables dinner last night. Ricotta/leek ravioli with a truffel butter fava bean scallop sauce and a side of my favorite (although Britta was skeptical about how well it paired with the ravioli), Barba dei Fratti (monk’s beard) – a kind of obscure italian succulent plant/vegetable that tastes like spinach.

Ravioli were good though.

Ricotta Leek Ravioloi with Truffel butter fava bean and scallop sauce

Ricotta Leek Ravioloi with Truffel butter fava bean and scallop sauce


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2 responses to “Spring Fling

  1. publicjimz

    April 26, 2013 at 11:12 pm

    Thanks for trying it out – and yes, everyone go and download the app this weekend and post your feedback here. There’s been enough interest to make me want to keep smoothing out the problems, so I’ll keep pushing out the improvements over time. Also, which recipe page were you using?

    • diginibble

      April 27, 2013 at 8:54 am

      I am heavying up on friends and relatives to test it out. But I hope you are hitting up other food bloggers to do little reviews like mine as well! Most of the comments will come in via facebook I think…will pass on anything relevant to you directly.


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