Getting Viral

17 Feb

Today’s the first day in quite awhile that I can say…I feel normal again. Which is a really nice thing to be able to say because yesterday morning I was getting pretty upset as it seemed like the vertigo was setting in again. But…by the afternoon it had cleared up and I decided to stop taking the antihistamine meds that the doctors were prescribing. Instead am focusing on vitamins, an over-the-counter homeopathic pill, and sleep. I keep reading up on what could have caused this whole mess and it sounds like the most likely thing was a viral infection of some kind. I’m really hoping that once it’s gone for a few days it’ll really really be gone.

So, hope you excuse the pun for now…but I just read a GREAT article over on the nytimes on how to make effective (and in this case, hopefully viral) videos. The advice in there is mostly stuff you already know, but still, the examples are classics and it offers me good stuff/food for thought for my current project: I’m helping a new client with their facebook and youtube presence – a project that looks like it will be fun because we’ll learn a lot together. They’re already very successful so far thanks in large part to my colleague who has been working with them for the last 4 months or so.

Example of a great (successfully viral) video? Of course I have to focus on my topic of choice: food. Check it out – in honor of last week’s Valentine’s day (which I spent in Frankfurt with the client, so unfortunately couldn’t try this out at home) – in this almost 8 minute video you can learn how to make a Grand Marnier Souffle.

What’s really powerful is it is 1) super simple and clear and focused, 2) the perfect length for the topic, 3) funny – his puns throughout the video are GREAT, 4) useful/informational.

I do love souffles, but most of the time I find that they are not worth the hassle – but this guy makes me feel like I would bother again. It’s Sunday here in Germany, though…and while I have almost all the ingredients in the house, I don’t have any Grand Marnier. So it’ll have to wait for now.

Happy belated Valentine’s Day!


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