Winter Fishing on the Isar

10 Jan
Fishing on the Isar

Fishing on the Isar

I was surprised to see this guy the other day, stubbornly fishing despite the mucky weather. I wonder if he caught anything.

I liked the look of the cracked walls of the dam in the cold…next to the green water and grey/white sky.

rwehr (Dam on my run route)

Isarwehr (Dam on my run route)

Apologies on the Rabbit Dinner. It was very good, but beyond one shot I grabbed while the meat was marinating (I did end up cooking Afghani Rabbit – a lovely garlic, yogurt, nuts, cinammon, cloves and other herbs and spices marinade, along with lentils and lemony spinach, fresh tomatoes, and a chocolate cake), I caught nothing on “film.” The guests arrived and I forgot to take pictures from that moment onwards.

So…not much to show. But it was tasty. Wouldn’t cook rabbit again with that recipe – meat was a bit dry – but would try it again in a different way.


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