Feeding my Hungarian roots

26 Dec

Sooo….there was one last meal at the Christmas markets a few days back. I had been curious about a food booth I had seen at the Schwabing market (which has a lot of non-German foods as well – Ethiopian being a favorite). A week or two back I’d seen a bunch of people eating some kind of puffy flat bread topped with all sorts of stuff and found out that this thing was called “Langos.” The line at the place that was selling them was too long, though. And naturally they were making them on the spot, which took a few minutes per order…and at least 10 people were standing there waiting in the cold. So at the time, it was a quick decision – no Langos…

But on the 23rd, right after a visit to the gym, where I had a decent 6 km run on a treadmill plus a good 30 minutes on the Eliptical machine, I dropped by the market before going home. It was close to empty, because if you don’t have presents for your loved ones by then…you’re obviously a depraved individual. Ehm…clearing throat.cSo there was no line for these “langos” treats, which I have just learned are Hungarian in origin. Ah ha – as good a reason as any to try them. Seeing that I am half Hungarian…some 5 or 6 generations back. Just researching and understanding my cultural roots.

I ordered a Langos with garlic, cheese and tomatoes.

Langos - Hungarian street food

Langos – Hungarian street food

And…not bad, but not great, I would say. There was a bit too much of a feeling of…substituting local ingredients. Tomatoes were not great – an unfortunate fact of the weather in Germany…although I imagine Hungary is not so different at the moment, cheese was standard plastic bag stuff – that could have been better. Bread could have used a pinch of salt. Nothing I would re-create at home because I don’t fry things at home…but nice enough to try at a Christmas market. After I had eaten it, I passed the Flammkueche stand that sells a localized version of the Alsace treat with whole wheat bread…and kind of wished I had eaten it instead.



Today…the second day of Christmas in Germany…will be a leftover day. Perhaps I will make some fried rice in the spirit of what Jews generally do on Christmas – eat Chinese food. 😉


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One response to “Feeding my Hungarian roots

  1. No one

    January 1, 2013 at 12:44 am

    Happy New Year! I hope 2013 brings you lots of success and everything else that you have been desiring to have:)


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