The pearls that aren’t

29 Nov

Back home, and as expected the brain fired like crazy all night and then woke me up at 4 in the morning for the routine jetlag. I was dreaming of frying donuts, god knows why. So after catching up on the most recent episode of “The Good Wife” from 4:30 to 5:15 and then emptying my email box for about an hour, I read a few blogs and the news, etc.

It’s time to get cracking on my piece of the final (?) workshop (back on a plane on Sunday, but thankfully just a quick one-two day trip again) for the never-ending-but-still-interesting project. Today will be a day at home. The weather out there looks nasty so I refuse to go out in it. Probably about 2 or 3 degrees and wet snow is flying through the grey sky. Thanks for the nice welcome home Munich. You could have tried harder.

But...this looked interesting and reminded me of a project I had wanted to try some time back but then never got around to doing.

Pixo Pearls

These are apparently tiny droplets of apple cider vinegar encased in a kind of seaweed film. I just looked to see if I could order some to try out, but it seems like I should have read about them about a week ago so I could have ordered them in the US before I left. They don’t seem to ship to Europe. The article suggests adding these little pearls to drinks or to top canapes and such. They just look like they would be a fun sort of touch on a dish. A little surprise. The project that they reminded me about was a similar “pearl.” Below is a photo of pomegranate juice “pearls.” Made most likely in a way no unlike how the vinegar pearls above are made. This blog described the process. I had wanted to try making them but then never got around to it or forgot.

Pomegranate “tears”

I still have the packages of agar agar needed in a drawer. So still curious to try. Maybe try it out after the workshop.

Meanwhile, my two kitties will be delivered back to me in a few hours and I can look forward to them terrorizing me while I work here at home. Who was it – one of my friends asked if we have a “laser pointer robot” – just a little machine that shoots out a beam of light that moves around the room – apparently drives cats crazy. I need Sophie to lose around 2 kg, it’s getting ridiculous, she is turning into butter. I walked into the Brookstone store at the airport on the way home and asked if they have it, but the guy there said that it is only available online or at their large stores. So missed out on ordering that as well. The hunt is on…

hehe. Loved this one. No tree here. No, we have SOFAS! Nice scratchable sofas! (D*** cats. But I did bring something back from the US that might solve this little problem…let’s see. Need to try it out and then report back.)

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