25 Nov
Spatchcock: before roasting

Spatchcock: before roasting

Just a quick blog entry here that will serve as a historical reminder. After cutting out the backbone with a combination of garden shears and a very sharp knife, dislocating the hip (hip? leg?) joints and crushing the breastbone, we spread the turkey out on a bed of dressing/stuffing and put it in the over at around 4 pm. Then I nervously prayed that what Mark Bittman wrote was true – that the bird would cook in about an hour – or in this case, with a turkey that was double the size of the one in his recipe – two.

Thankfully, you can observe the after photo as well:

Spatchcock: after roasting

Spatchcock: after roasting

It worked, and quite well.

Oven set at 450 degrees Fahrenheit for 25 minutes, then I turned it down to 400 and covered the breast and wings with foil so they wouldn’t blacken and burn. Roasted for another 55 minutes or so. Tested with a meat thermometer (supposed to have reached 155 degrees in the thickest part of the thigh), and it was done.

I think no one suffered too substantially because the bird was more…um…laid back looking…;-)

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