The London Food Truck Scene?

02 Nov
Umbrellas for rainy London

Umbrellas for rainy London

Let’s be clear, it is not New York. I have yet to see San Francisco’s food truck scene, and I hear that it is truly something to see, but London cannot compare with the creativity I saw in New York earlier this year. I flew in to London yesterday for a bunch of meetings today and my colleague took me over to the little street where a gaggle of trucks and street-food set-ups are gathered. The place was swarming with London businessmen and the like, waiting patiently in line for their wrap or their dumplings or their curry. It all looked and smelled quite good and I was rather hard-pressed to decide what to eat. In the end, we decided to share, so I got to try two things, but it was difficult to walk away with just one lunch. 😉

It’s not New York because the trucks are ordinary, not the brightly painted humorous ones you see cruising around there. And the food, while it all looked and smelled great, still lacked a bit of the creativity you see in New York – the crazy combinations and unexpected dishes to try.

Nevertheless, I was more than happy to cozy up to the Morrocan wrap place and breathe in the scent of their tagines before choosing one for my wrap.

Moroccan wrap fillings

Moroccan wrap fillings

It’s a pity this is such a lightning fast trip. We were busy working until late last night and we’ll head to the client in less than an hour for the day and then will be back home before I can blink an eye.

But I enjoyed lunch yesterday.


Lunch - Moroccan kofta wrap

Lunch – Moroccan kofta wrap

Didn’t come close to finishing it though. 😛

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