Pick a card, peferably “Julie Approved”

24 Oct

This made me laugh today.

"Pick a card" lunch options

“Pick a card” lunch options

Here’s the back story:

My colleagues and I often go to lunch together. And finding good food around our still relatively new office is sometimes challenging, to say the least. We often just end up on the other side of the street at the “ZOB” (bus station mall) eating on one of the standard 4 restaurants there which all leave something to be desired. I tend to COMPLAIN about the food around this office (at least compared to our old offices in Haidhausen) – not wanting to bother with sandwiches that are terrible or badly made indian food and such. So anytime I actually like a restaurant, the colleagues are pleased because they don’t have to listen to me moan and groan about it.

Which brings us to the photo above.

My colleague Sabine had a birthday some time back and two other colleagues prepared a stack of cards for her. Each one has a different suggestion for lunch – so that she also can avoid eating at the hideous “ZOB.” There are a few different elements to help her choose: weather, time needed, price point and such. And here’s the part that made me laugh: if the restaurant is one where we have eaten and I have *liked* the food, they have stamped it with “Julie approved.”

Sabine was showing off the cards again today because I was asking around where we should go…and I only today saw the “Julie approved” stamp. hehe. As you can see above, “Salt” (highly recommended! I just ate there last Friday) is “Julie approved,” and “Bratar” (crappy burger place that refuses to make a fresh burger for me at the grill point I prefer)  is not.

Ok, yes, I can be picky.


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