Ahhhhh….chicken soup

22 Oct

As I head into the final weeks of this crazy project I have my eye on the big bird that I see in my future on November 22nd. Very much looking forward to flying home in a few weeks and hanging out with the family for Thanksgiving and eating turkey. My youngest nephew seems to be talking up a storm (at least it seems so based on all the interruptions in the call with my sister last night), and the other two seemed to have grown two feet each since I saw them at the beginning of the year. So it will be good to see all the girls and the boys…

But today…I have my eye on the little bird. The homely chicken with its healing properties. As I lay around sulking in bed all day today with a mild fever and sore throat, I forgot about the fact that my freezer is full of chicken soup. Every time I make a dish that requires fresh chicken broth I make a big pot of it and end up freezing a third of it. So at some point the freezer gets full of tupperware containers with frozen broth – and when I get sick I just start to thaw them and heat up the soup, throwing in a handful of noodles or an egg. That will be dinner tonight, I guess, and I am hoping it will be enough to get me back on my feet by tomorrow and at work to crank out the final deliverables in the next two weeks.

Meanwhile, I am thinking of trying to re-create a kurdish dish I had a few weeks back – a chicken and rice dish that was cooked all day, stuffed with all kinds of herbs but also beef and dumplings. Way too heavy and overwhelming the way it was done, but I heard about an interesting variation on it (It, by the way, is “cholent” or “hamin” …very rich but tasty stew that is cooked all day) from Uzbekistan with grated tomato, apple and carrots. The closest recipe I seem to be able to find is this one – which is more or less the recipe I heard about but with lamb rather than chicken.  There have been a few requests recently for me to cook “Jewish food” for some friends that have never had anything traditionally Jewish…so I will take a crack at it soon and see what I can do. Maybe do a test run this coming weekend.

But for now…off to heat up some chicken soup.



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2 responses to “Ahhhhh….chicken soup

  1. Caro

    October 23, 2012 at 8:47 pm

    I bought an english, vegetarian cookbook about jewish recipes from all around the world. it’s called olive trees and honey and the stuff i made from it was really great. if you’re looking for a special dish, I can try to find it in there and send you a pic. Or I can borrow you the book at Mal’s halloween party if you come. let me know.

    • diginibble

      October 23, 2012 at 9:09 pm

      Hey Caro, sure – bring it to Mal’s party so I can take a look. I doubt the recipe I am looking for would be there as it is the opposite of veggie. 😉 But I am always curious to have a look at cookbooks. Assuming I am healthy by then I will come for a couple hours. Need a costume. :-/


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