Guacamole Ice Cream

10 Jul
Haas avocados waiting for processing

Haas avocados waiting for processing

I had two recipes I wanted to try this past weekend, both perfect foils for the hot weather that I anticipated would be deeply satisfying. The fruit bowl up there actually represents the key ingredients for both. First I wanted to try a Spanish Gazpacho with almonds and balls of melon (the melon is still waiting on my windowsill). Then I also wanted to make an avocado ice cream. I didn’t get to either over the weekend, but I finally did the ice cream yesterday morning.

And before you look twice at my blog entry title and say “oh, yuck!” you should know that it was just to catch your attention and I truly wouldn’t be tempted to make guacamole ice cream. I have had great ice cream with chili in it (chili and chocolate), delicious and refreshing lemon and lime sorbets, and certainly I could imagine messing around with some cumin in ice cream, or maybe a savory sorbet, and I know for certain that avocado ice cream is amazing. But all together? In ice cream? Nope, I don’t need to try it.

In Singapore a year ago I had some avocado ice cream and it was delicious. Super creamy from the milk/cream content but also the natural texture of the avocado. I rarely make ice cream, though, and it wasn’t until recently that I started to think about trying out some interesting flavors. I have a 12 year old ice cream maker that has been used less than a dozen times because it requires a lot of space in the freezer and advance planning. We can get the best ice cream here just a 10 minute bike ride away…so there has been little temptation.

Temptation did come in April this year, however, when I saw my parents in Paris. One night we went out for dinner and one of the desserts was a parsley ice cream. I know, you might think….”Parsley? In ice cream?” But trust me, it was delicious and it was the most amazing green color. Here’s a photo (I didn’t take this one, but someone else did at the same restaurant and posted it online):

Parsley ice cream with strawberries

Parsley ice cream with strawberries

I haven’t yet found a recipe for this, but I think I need to try experimenting soon.

Meanwhile, I came across a recipe over on Food 52Β  in my general blog scroll a few mornings back for avocado ice cream and I was immediately hooked. I bought all the ingredients on Saturday with the plan to make it on Sunday (that got quickly derailed, but that was yesterday’s story), and froze the ice cream bowl Saturday afternoon.

It didn’t all come together until yesterday morning, but when it did….wow! Very delicious. Better than the Singapore version and I can imagine adding some chocolate chunks in there to make it even better.

Avocados and custard ready for the freezer

Avocados and custard ready for the freezer

The recipe is very straightforward: you make your custard on the stove with the standard milk, egg yolks, sugar and vanilla. Then you cool it in the fridge, cut up your avocado and add a cup of cream and puree everything together. It will already be very thick and creamy.

Freezing it all up

Freezing it all up

Then you add everything to your ice cream maker (I have a hand-crank – I went and looked at the electric equivalent and the good ones were HUGE and stupidly expensive – 500 euros, so mine will continue to serve just fine), stir for about 20 minutes and then transfer to the freezer for the final hardening.

Eat and enjoy.It’s a little more yellow than green, I would even be tempted to add some natural food coloring the next time around…

Green and creamy - avocado gelato

Green and creamy – avocado gelato


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