Tacos and Ice Cream

03 Jun
Condesa website homepage

Condesa website homepage

What I am about to write may truly come as a shock to you so brace yourself if necessary: I am eating better Mexican food these days in Munich than I am in either San Francisco, California (where admittedly I only eat at one or two places in the East Bay when I visit my family) or New York (where I have eaten at at LEAST three places during my work trips there recently.) But perhaps someone has to just grab me and take me to the right places in both locations.

How can this be? There are two really great Mexican places in Munich – both reasonably new. One I have been visiting for almost two years now (ok, so not *that* new) – “Milagros” – created by a Californian man married to a Mexican woman who spent quite some time in Mexico, and the other a new place that I find myself in almost once a week – usually for a super fast lunch bite on the weekend, “Condesa”, really more of a little tacqueria than a true restaurant. I think the owner is the guy behind the til, although I haven’t asked him yet. Seems to be a German guy who speaks fluent Spanish, and is quite proud of his simple but delicious menu. I don’t know more yet.

I order the same thing every time I go to Condesa – two or three tacos, each with a smattering of meat on a corn tortilla, a dollop of salsa, a drop of hot sauce. You roll it up and in three bites it’s gone. What I also love about this place is that they will sell you thirty homemade corn tortillas to take away with you for 5 euros – a great deal. And so tacos have also been finding their way home, too, as I work on trying to recreate the shredded chicken filling, and today a fish version.

Condesa tacos

Condesa tacos

The fish tacos, together with today’s brief, but fun, outing with Mallorie over to my favorite ice cream place in Schwabing called Ballabeni’s, has helped to improve a sort of depressing atmosphere in the apartment (or at least in my head), as I get ready for the next ten days of unrelenting jetlag for the business travel tour starting tomorrow.

Collection of flavors: Chocolate ginger, 3-nuts, mango sorbet, yogurt

Collection of flavors: Chocolate ginger, 3-nuts, mango sorbet, yogurt

I love Ballabeni’s 10 rules for their ice cream (Some perhaps a little cheesy, but I get the sense that they are all heart-felt):

1.   Die besten Inhaltsstoffe verarbeiten. (The best ingredients)
2.   Nur das verkaufen, was wir selbst gerne essen. (Only sell what we would like to eat ourselves)
3.   Hohe Qualität zu einem angemessenen Preis verkaufen. (High quality for an appropriate price) – They charge 30 cents a scoop more than other places in Munich but I would never hesitate to pay it)
4.   Die Produkte mit Liebe und in ihrer Reinheit präsentieren. (Product is prepared with love and presented in its purity)
5.   Nach Ihrer Zufriedenheit streben. (Strive to make you happy)
6.   Neue Geschmackssorten kreieren und dabei die Tradition bewahren. (Create new flavors and by doing so follow tradition)
7.   Ihre Erwartungen übertreffen. (Over-fulfill your expectations)
8.   Unser Bestes geben um Ihnen ein Lächeln ins Gesicht zu zaubern. (Give our best so that we can bring a smile to your face)
9.   Stolz sein Sie wieder zu sehen. (Be proud to see you again)
10.   Alles versuchen um Ihnen das beste Eis der Welt anzubieten. (Give everything in order to be able to offer you the best ice cream in the world)

The LINE waiting for ice cream outside Ballabeni's today

The LINE waiting for ice cream outside Ballabeni’s today

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One response to “Tacos and Ice Cream

  1. Caro

    June 3, 2012 at 11:10 pm

    Hmm, makes me want to visit the Mexican place again 🙂 – happy you liked it


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