Rice to Riches

03 Apr
Rice Pudding

Rice Pudding

Well hello there again, Manhattan. Been here done this and hello jetlag. Just arrived back in the homeland again last night for round two of requirements management. The guy at immigration that let me through asked the standard “what do you do,” and I answered my standard, “consultant,” leaving out “marketing” because that is not what I am doing for this kind of crazy project. That wasn’t enough for him so when I described my role as requirements manager he said something like, “that was too fast for me, can you repeat that?” I just gave up and said “technical consultant” which sounded like hogwash in my own ears. Even if it is actually true, which is more than a bit disconcerting.

Hoping my body doesn’t even really get a chance to acclimate before I get on the plane back to Germany on Thursday. I just need to survive through three more very long days and then I get a four day break before the craziness starts up again for a week in Walldorf. Thanks to the Easter holidays in Germany for the break. I would not be able to do this ping-ponging between countries without it. Yes, hello Manhattan again in two weeks right after Walldorf.

To celebrate hotel selection number 3 here in Manhattan I took a stroll down Spring street in Soho, which is quite close to the hotel this time. I remembered this strange but funny rice pudding place I took photos of some weeks back. You know, the one with “3 shitty flavors.” I had heard since then that this place really does have the best rice pudding in the world. So in true Singaporean spirit (die die, must try), I made my way back to “Rice to Riches” to discover what it was all about.

As usual it was a little overwhelming. They had about 20 different flavors, each sounding better than the next: caramel, cookies and cream, french toast, rum raisin, chocolate cherry, etc. I ended up taking peach/mango after tasting three. The stuff was indeed as delicious as everyone claimed. Rich and heavy with cream, I didn’t even want to see a calorie count near anything I was putting in my mouth. And after a few spoonfuls of the stuff I knew it was time to put it down and get out. Which I managed to do, tossing half the dessert into the bin satisfied that I had had a taste and that was simply going to have to be enough. On the way out I asked about the 3 shitty flavors and the woman explained to me there that there were always three flavors that someone didn’t like. Ah. Ok.

Today, in retrospect, I have to say it was very good. But if I think about the truly original stuff, made with milk, not cream, served in the middle eastern style with chopped walnuts and a splash of rose water, I think “Rice to Riches” might not compare. The pudding was really almost too rich to eat. I’d probably go back to try another flavor, but never again alone. I only want a spoonful, not a whole bowl of the stuff. You need a friend to eat it with.



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