Fog City New York

17 Mar

You’d think I were home in the bay area if you could see the fog swirling around today. And the problem is I promised my parents GOOD weather when they visited me this weekend. On my breakfast run this morning, I comforted myself with the fact that there was the whole day yet ahead before they arrived to burn off the white blanket lying heavy on the city.

Morning fog

Morning fog

But now on my walk back to the hotel a few minutes ago I find that the sun hasn’t found its way down and I can only hope that tomorrow is better, although we’ll likely be in museums and shops during the day and headed to a new Broadway play, “Venus in Fur” in the evening.

Evening Fog on the Hudson

Evening Fog on the Hudson

Final weekend before I head back home next Friday, although now it looks like I get a week home or maybe two before heading back here for a bit. Hmm. It’s gone faster and been more interesting than anticipated, but I still would really like to be back for longer. It is tiring to live in a hotel.

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