First stop…Food Trucks

25 Feb

25 best NYC food trucks

Even if I am feeling a little bitter about being shunted back over the Atlantic for a month, I am trying to look on the bright side. I mean, New York is food heaven – from all I’ve heard. My last trip there, not including a few touchdowns here or there during travel elsewhere, was in 2000! And back then, well, life was a little different (priorities, budget, time I had there, blah blah blah).

But it isn’t Per Se that is first on my list of places to try out (and who knows if I could even get a reservation – you have to book a month in advance…so there goes that)’s rather the new street food culture: food trucks.

Some of them sound incredibly delicious:

New York City Cravings Truck: Pair the meaty Taiwanese fried pork or fried chicken over rice ($7) with a side of anchovies with peanuts and chili peppers ($4).

Richshaw Dumpling Truck: The chicken and thai basil are the best of these snack-size savory creations.

Endless Summer:The juicy pork ($2.50) or beef ($3) tacos with avocado crema are deliciously overstuffed.

Super Tacos: Try the tlacoyos ($3): long masa flatbreads stuffed with refried beans and topped, tamale style, with bright-orange spicy pork, sweet chopped onion, lettuce, and cilantro.

So…in between stakeholder interviews and workshop moderation I will be sneaking peeks at twitter to find out where the korean tacos are gonna be later in the evening…

Not to despair, though, I have also managed to find a gym less than a mile from the hotel in which to work off the calories…so feel free to drop by and find me here in the mornings before work.

Crunch Gym

Crunch Gym


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