Swallow your perfume

05 Dec

Just came across this site that briefly describes some research being done to create a perfume which is uniquely you because you swallow it and it is exuded through your skin as you sweat. What the site doesn’t do yet is describe in any way what it smells like – at least sort of – is it like a typical perfume, if there is such a thing? Is it flowery? Woody-scented? Musky?

Here’s what it does say: “Once absorbed, the capsule enables the skin to become a platform, an atomizer; A biologically enhanced second skin synthesized directly from the natural processes of the body. Fragrance molecules are excreted through the skins surface during perspiration, leaving tiny droplets on the skin that emanate a unique odor. The potency of scent is determined by each individualโ€™s acclimatization to temperature, stress, exercise, or sexual arousal.

Swallowable Parfum is a capsule that enables human skin to emit a genetically unique scent
about who we are, and how we perform our identities.”

I tend to believe that something like this is possible…simply because of evidence we all collect that demonstrates that some foods can indeed affect how you (or your excretions…eeeewww) smell. Read: asparagus. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I would try it. Would you?


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