Chicken ‘n Dumplings

08 Oct

Well, so here we are back to the old topics. Fooood.

Chicken and Dumplings

Chicken and Dumplings

Sorry, I got distracted, or rather…my enthusiasm for writing vacation blogs waned to such a point that I thought putting together another 4 or 5 entries that would be required to get through the whole trip in the same kind of detail would be …well…boring for everyone. At least a little bit.

Let us conclude then this way:

1) Jodhpur was the food city (yes, you’d think I would want to write about it…but I just don’t feel like it….), we had the most amazing lassis that I have ever had, although calling them that seems almost wrong – more like a huge dollap of super thick and sweetened creamy yogurt…or maybe just cream…floating in more typical lassi like spiced yogurt. You had to consume it with a spoon it was so thick. And of course the very famous Mirchi Bada (fried stuffed chilis), eaten dripping hot with oil, tissues at the ready to catch drips from the food and from our burning sinuses. We ate them standing up in the middle of a street, cows and Indians alike staring at the strange Westerners who had convinced their guide to let them eat a bit off the beaten track for his typical guests.

2) Goa. Monsoon was still plaguing Goa when we eventually got there (overnight delay in Mumbai due to flights that were booked too closely together). We were at the Leela, which is possibly one of the most beautiful hotel chains in the world…but the Leela was under renovation because of the off season and while the few days there were nice enough, we never in fact made it to Old Goa (the real center to visit), and the solitude on the beach, where we could not swim because the water was so turbulent, mixed with the sort of random other off-season guests (strange crowd, what can I say), made these 3 days less than they could have been.

So moving on.

After a simply gorgeous month in Munich, the weather gods have decided to remind us where we live. I think they must have been kind to me for that month in helping me transition from my three months of hot and humid Asia back to “why does it have to rain and snow so much here” Germany. Yes, days like today, or rather…two days from now when the “cozy” factor dies off and the “I really hate this place sometimes” feelings kick in, make me want to jump on a plane and return to California and just leave it all behind.

To make things worse, Andreas is sick, so there was chicken soup to make (ok, I love the smell of chicken soup and it takes no energy to make it, so I can’t complain about that), and dinner to figure out for the weekend. And he just wanted chicken soup. Which is what we had last night, when I took my last frozen quart out of the freezer and heated it up with egg noodles. After my standard workout today, there was no way I wanted to just have a bowl of soup again. What to do?

So I remembered scrolling past a blog photo and headline of “Chicken and Dumplings” a day back and thinking to myself…”oh, that looks nice!” Here it is (ahem, readers…no I do not frequent this blog, it was one in a digest of blogs I read…or just skim past).

So I pulled it up at 6 pm wondering how long this nice southern dish would take to make (Hey, Tracie – wished you were here to eat with us! 🙂 ). The chicken soup part of it was already done. So it was the gravy and dumplings I had to whip up.

What was nice, was that “whip up” is the appropriate verb here. Once the chicken soup is made, the rest comes together in about 30 minutes. The one thing I don’t know is whether the medicinal qualities of chicken soup stay in the soup once you add all the butter and cream. 😉

But it tasted REALLY good, and was the perfect accompaniment to the raindrops pattering against the window.

Note, I made a couple of adjustments to the recipe from the blog.

1) I made a proper chicken soup this afternoon – with 12 cups of water, etc. The recipe calls for chicken soup, but with a relatively small amount of water which might mean that the author’s chicken soup is very concentrated in flavor.

2) I added in some of the chopped up vegetables from the chicken soup – a couple diced carrots and some onion. I also threw in about a half a cup of frozen peas that hadn’t been in the soup. I think some mushrooms would have been nice as well. And I put in two bay leaves. I could imagine (but I did not do it), doing a curry version of this recipe as well. Another day.

3) To the dumplings, I added in less baking power (half as much?), but instead threw in a beaten egg – I wanted the dumplings to taste a bit eggy. But…they didn’t, even if the photo makes the whole thing look like a huge mass of scrambled eggs. The dumplings were perfect, but I don’t know how much the eggs helped make them so.

Steam baking the dumplings in a pan with the gravy and chicken

Steam baking the dumplings in a pan with the gravy and chicken

Mom, I tell you, your grandsons would like this dish…

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  1. Aunt Sue

    November 16, 2011 at 4:24 pm

    Judy loves this dish.


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