A Tranquil Scene Next to the Isar

25 Sep

Before I move onto Jodhpur for the next vacation blog…a quick aside.

Mallorie and I were biking home from work on Friday and I did a double take, and then actually turned my bike around, calling out to Mallorie to wait a moment and went back to confirm what I thought I had seen.

Here you go, take a look – this is what was painted on the beer garden wall (and it’s city sponsored/approved…i saw the guys painting it a few days earlier in broad daylight):

Look once, look twice

Look once, look twice

So…I have a sense of humor, and don’t have a big problem with this although I imagine some people would/will? If I am not mistaken, it is a scene of a flasher showing his goods to a kid. Some sort of adult figure next to the child looks disturbed…the fish seems oblivious.

Just…mostly surprised.

Mallorie suggested that it wasn’t what I thought it was – rather just a guy stretching out a towel about to relax next to the river. So maybe better to think of it like that. πŸ˜›

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