The Indian Head-nod: Yes, No, Maybe

17 May

Love this guy. He is only a loaner – doesn’t belong to me. Some of Mallorie’s current (or recent past) Indian colleagues sent him to her in the mail as a nice souvenir of their project together. I keep begging her to give him to me, but she is only willing to loan him to me for the day.

I took a little video of him wiggling his head, but just discovered that WordPress won’t let me upload it without upgrading to a premium account. (WordPress!!!)

So you just get his cuteness in static mode. When you tap him on the head, he wiggles it – he’s supposed to train you to do a proper Indian head wiggle if you don’t know how.

Bobby the Bobble Head says "Namaste"

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One response to “The Indian Head-nod: Yes, No, Maybe

  1. Redpatang

    June 1, 2011 at 10:23 pm

    Hi! We love this guy too! He is now available in the US at


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