Over-Engineering (just askin’…) ?

14 Apr

Maybe there is such thing as taking a good thing too far?

When I took a peek inside the refrigerator before heading off to the gym with my mom yesterday I found at least three kinds of bottled water in there, each looking more thirst quenching than the last. (*MOM* I think it is perfectly fine to try out all these waters….I try out new products as well…)

First..there was “Metro.”

Metro Water

Metro Water

A very lightly flavored brew with essences of orange and mint so while you quench you thirst you probably refresh your breath a bit at the same time. Nice.

Then I came across the planet-friendly Ice Box water. Water with a conscience. Drink up with less guilt.

Ice Box Water

Ice Box Water

But finally, I found the water of choice: Pefect Water.

Perfect Water

Perfect Water

This modest water apparently is “empowering.” I think I need to go to the company website and find out more about “the ultimate fluid.”

Check out the back of the bottle:

Powerful Dimensions of Perfect Water

I had a few sips before my workout and noticed…yes…much better performance. πŸ˜‰


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