Shower Power

05 Apr

This horrible little machine came to live in the apartment yesterday morning.

Hot Water Heater - Digital Display

Yes, of course you don’t think it looks that horrible. It’s not in your shower.

Before….I mean before the 20-year old hot water heater gasped its last gasp…we had an “analog” display on the thing. It was a little knob that was a pain in the ass to turn, and sort of vaguely suggested how much hot water you might get if you turned it. It took a day or two to understand how far to turn, but now that I have been here a few years, I had it down to an art. And then the old heater had to go and die.

Just so you understand: I have a standard practice in the shower – I guess like most people. Get in, lather up hair with shampoo. Scrub scrub, rinse. Apply hair conditioner. Multitask while the conditioner works on the hair – shave legs, etc. and then scrub body and face. Rinse off everything. Get out. Process takes…I don’t know…7 minutes or so. Maybe 8? By my calculation…a very reasonable time. I like nice HOT water, except if I have just worked out and am hot as it is….

So the thing is…this little innocent digital display tells me exactly how many liters of water I have consumed (at a certain temperature.) And it is one thing to take an 8 minute shower and NOT TO KNOW. It is another thing completely to take an 8 minute show and to know you have consumed 65 LITERS of water in that 8 minutes. Damn thing probably needs some calibration.

So terrible. I don’t know what I will do. I don’t really want to take a shorter shower. I DO NOT DRIVE A CAR. I RECYCLE. Argh!


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2 responses to “Shower Power

  1. Caro

    April 6, 2011 at 7:14 am

    Do you also have a water-saving shower head? This might ease the pain a little (I feel a lot better having mine) :o)

    • diginibble

      April 6, 2011 at 8:01 am

      Hm, not sure. I don’t think so. Don’t have anything special….Today I managed to take a shower with only about 30 liters, but I was running late…so that likely explains it…


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