Naughty and Nice

30 Mar

I don’t know. Maybe I am just a prude. But yesterday at the train station, my jaw dropped open when I passed the refrigerator isles in one of the convenience stores. They were selling this drink. And for the cat lover…you look twice and think….”ooooooh, cute.” At least at first glance and until you read the label. The name of the drink….”kalte muschi…” sorry, I refuse to translate it for you. Go to Google Translate and look it up yourself. Needless to say, it is not *polite.*


Even more interesting…the lovely stuff – I mean the actual drink inside the bottle – seems to be (literally translated) “Rotwein Cola Zeugs : Red wine cola stuff.”  So an interesting mixture of red wine and coke flavor. I needed a drink for the train. But that…sure as hell wasn’t gonna be it.  Gave me the shivers. The heebie jeebies.

Today, I picked up some groceries after work. And was pleasantly surprised in the fridge section as compared with yesterday. Maybe it is because my sister will have a baby in a week and I am looking at all kinds of cute baby presents, but I was like…”awwwww, so cute.” Here’s what I saw:

Nice: 2 fruits drink

I don’t really drink any fruit juice…but the little Hawaiian girl just suckered me in with a wink. (Although I tasted the drink by now…and the stuff is ok, but I am not dying to gulp it down. Design packaging success…)



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