Kochhaus! (I need to bring this to Munich)

23 Feb

I’ve been checking out these guys now for a couple months now and I have to say that this is by far the best foodie idea I have seen in a long time. I am so convinced that this idea will (continue to be) a hit that I seriously want to find a few foodies to join me and offer the Berlin company a chance to franchise their idea with me down here in Munich. (Hello KOCHHAUS!!!)

What is it, you ask?

Very simple. (And that’s their slogan: “Einfach selber kochen” – “Simply cook yourself.”) They put together about 20 recipes a month – rotating out a few each week and bringing in a few each week. You have two choices – you can order the meals online – and receive the pre-packaged ingredients along with directions for how to cook the meal (as well as photographed step-by-step instructions) delivered to you that evening (two delivery windows offered) which you then get to cook yourself at home. Or, you can go to one of their shops (unfortunately only in Berlin at the moment), browse through the recipes and other cooking goodies, and buy the ingredients for the meals there to take home and cook. Take a look at two of the meals for this week:

Hearty chickpea and tomato stew with cod fillet

Grilled steak sweet potato chips and rocket and parmesan salad

What’s nice is that the prices are really reasonable (at lest I think so), despite the fact that a lot of the prep work has already been taken out for you and the ingredients are mostly local and bio. Also, presentation is cute – reminds me a lot of the photography for one of the newer Ikea baking cookbooks (by Carl Kleiner). Uh oh…Side Note. Check out Ikea’s funny little iphone app to accompany their baking cookbook: here’s the video that describes it….

must….go….download…now.Β  (Crap, it’s not available in the US store.)

But back to the subject at hand: Along with the super photo presentation, they have some simple helpful stats: how easy or hard is the recipe to make, and how long will it take to prepare. They pair up each of the recipes with a wine suggestion as well. And the descriptions of each of the recipes is also really well written. An example for the cod recipe shown above:

“The cod in this tasty dish proves its tender flesh can do anything: by poaching the fish gently in a ragout, the fish’s subtle flavor takes on a slightly spicy note without sacrificing on softness. The ragout has prominently colored brussels sprouts to thank for its crunchy texture, which also contribute a large amount of B vitamins and thus strengthens our immune system in a charming way. Finally, the chickpeas bring in a creamy component and harmonise beautifully with the spicy bacon. Thus, this recipe offers an all-around soothing end to a winter day with its warm and nutrient-rich ingredients.”

I mean, don’t you want to eat that for dinner now too? (Maybe without the brussels sprouts? yech…)

The wines that are recommended are also described and what is also explained is WHY the wine is recommended with the dish. (How often do you get something like that on a wine menu?…like NEVER…)

They also (of course!) have a Facebook page.

So…looking for at least one partner now. Who’s joining me? No, really!

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